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Constipation Medicines

Constipation Medicines

We bring forth superior quality Constipation Medicines in the marketplace. Our Constipation Medicines are available with the band name of Castophene Tablet and Castophene Churan. These Constipation Tablets and Powder are used to remove constipation and give relief in gas problem & stomach disorder. Moreover, we are one of the prominent Constipation Powder Manufacturers in India.

Ajubi Isabgol Tablet :- Composition - Each Coated tablet Contains Plantago ovata (Isabgol) 1000mg. Box of 30 tablets. Indication - An easy way to take Isabgol, Useful in constipation Acidity gas problem & other Abdominal disorder.

Indication for Castophene Churna :- Mostly used in Constipation Indigestion, Headache, Heart Burn, Abdominal Pain Due to Constipation And other gastric Problems.

Indication for Castophene Tablet :- A mild laxative. Remove Constipation & Gives relief in Gas Problem & Stomach Disorder.

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Castophene Churna

Swaran Patti 50.00%
Trivrat 7.00%
Ajwain 5.00%
Kabuli Harr 4.00%
Vidang 1.00%
Amla 5.00%
Bahera 4.00%
Yasti Madhu 1.00%
Haritaki 3.00%
Saunf Bari 1.00%
Sajjkhar 4.00%
Black Salt 15.00%

Castophene Tablet

Phenolphthalein Chocolate base (I.P.) 0.19gm.
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    Ajubi  Isabgol  Tablet
  • Castophene Tablet

    Castophene Tablet

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