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To offer relief from various sexual problems, we offer highly commended Sex Medicines in the market. Our Sex Capsules are ideal for curing sexual impotence in man and frigidity in women. They combat sexual neurasthenia and enhance the Libido. They are effective for all types of weakness, health, strength vigor and vitality. Additionally, we are one of the prime Herbal Sex Medicines Manufacturers in India.

Indication : An ideal tonic for Sexual impotence in man and frigidity in Women, Combats Sexual neurasthenia And enhances, The Libido. Effective for All types of weakness, Health, Strength vigor and vitality, One Capsule a day Keeps you Healthy & Gay.

Each capsule contains :

Konch ka beez, Dalchini, Nagkeshar 10mg.
Gokharu , Lodh Pathani, Jabitri , Bidhara,Jayafal, Moosli , Safed Loung 10mg.
Babul ka Gond, Tal Makhana Choti Pipal 10mg.
Sonth, Bringraj 5mg.
Sudh shilajeet 500mg.
Ashwagandha 30mg.

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